Spirit Conscious Design. Earth Conscious Approach.
Design with Soul in Mind.

Your Designs can only be a conscious as the messenger who makes them! Designs that represent you can only be as professional and and as conscious as the designer who makes them. Through co-collaboration we can create together a vision for your soul project that will shine forth, seed new growth for your business and expand your soul! about03 Your Brand is an expression of your soul. On today's earth, inundated with visual garb, it is all the more important to cultivate deeper connections with the creations you put forth into this world. Your brand is a snapshot of the current expression of your souls journey and should represent you wholeheartedly. As a designer I am concerned with conscious creation. I have vast experience in healing and arts of the new age and in shamanic languages in visionary healing. As a messenger I can help you bring forth the vision that represents you or your business at a deeper soul level. I have been professionally trained as a media designer holding a BA and a diploma in Communication Arts and Media Design. Alongside my spiritual and professional tool kit, I have a decade of design experience helping friends and clients bring their creative vision to life.